Contour Institute Amsterdam is now ReSculpt Clinic Amsterdam

We were unfortunately forced to change our trade name Contour Institute.

We took this step-by-step and and as of mid-August 2017, we became fully ReSculpt Clinic.

Trending: your own fat for volume enhancement

The American market continues to grow when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Using your own fat to increase volume of buttocks and breasts is increasingly popular. It is safe and natural. For example, the use of your own fat in breast augmentations increased by 72 percent. The number of buttock augmentations using your own fat increased by 26 percent. With your own body fat, according to the president of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), the desired shape would remain intact longer than with artificial fillers or prosthetics.

Check out the 2016 U.S. statistics regarding plastic surgery. The NRC headlines, "Massively under the knife for bigger breasts.

ReSculpt Clinic also performs lipofilling treatment for breasts, buttocks, face and, for example, dents in the skin caused by an accident or illness. See our page on lipofilling for more information.

20 years of statistics on cosmetic surgery

lipofilling, lipofilling specialists, resculpt clinicEvery year the ASAPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery) publishes statistics regarding cosmetic procedures performed in the past year. They have been doing this for 20 years. Last year, 30,000 doctors answered their questionnaires. The results are amazing, here are some figures:

  • $30 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures;
  • the fastest growing surgical procedure is breast augmentation with your own fat tissue (+41% compared to 2015);
  • the surgical procedure most commonly performed is liposuction, for both women and men!
  • most interventions were performed on individuals aged 35-50 years;
  • compared to 20 years ago, the number of liposuctions performed has increased 134%.

You can read the entire 2016 ASAPS report at this link.