• Scar-free breast reduction by liposuction

    Smaller breasts, without scars and with fast recovery

Scar-free breast reduction by liposuction

Women with breasts that are too large and therefore heavy often suffer from physical and/or emotional complaints. Due to the weight of the breasts, the bra straps often stretch in the shoulders which is experienced as painful.

In addition, physical complaints such as neck pain, shoulder pain, low and high back pain can occur with overweight breasts.

Most women with overweight and or drooping breasts experience an impediment to movement and exercise can be painful. These women are usually dissatisfied with their own body image.

Because of their larger breast size, they cannot find appropriate clothing or the right bra. These factors can lead to emotional and psychological symptoms.

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Breast reduction by liposuction

Most women with large breasts are often reluctant to undergo breast reduction surgery. This is because of the heavy procedure and the visible scars involved.

Therefore, breast reduction surgery through liposuction may be an alternative. We call this technique tumescent liposuction. Our clinic performs this treatment with regularity. As a result, we have predictable results and a very low complication rate.

Benefits of breast reduction with tumescent liposuction

There are several advantages that a breast reduction surgery with tumescent liposuction has, compared to the "classic" breast reduction.

Biggest benefits breast reduction by liposuction

  • No visible scars (2 small cuts just above the breast crease)
  • Preservation of sensation in the nipple
  • Maintaining your own breast shape
  • Maintaining the ability to breastfeed
  • Local anesthesia (no general anesthesia or sedation required)
  • Rapid recovery and few restrictions after treatment
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Breast reduction before and after

Through our years of experience in the field of liposuction, we have been able to delight many patients with the definitive results of breast reduction. We are very proud of the results we have achieved through dedication and continuous development and improvement of our techniques and expertise in breast reduction through liposuction.

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Results of breast reduction before and after treatment

The classic breast reduction

The "classic" breast reduction is a heavier procedure and has a longer recovery period. This surgery to reduce your breasts can only be done under general anesthesia. The period of recovery takes many weeks and may be accompanied by wound complications.

This method of breast reduction always produces unwanted scars.

The advantage is that the breast can be substantially lifted and give fuller, rounder impression.

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Scars after breast reduction

In addition, scars are inevitable with this method of breast reduction. Around the nipples, a scar forms in the form of a drop. In the skin fold under the breasts, and between the nipple and the skin fold, scars also become visible. It results in entirely like an anchor-shaped scar.

Breast elevator and scarring

With this classic breast reduction, two goals are achieved. The first goal is the reduction of breast volume, making the breasts smaller. The second goal is the removal of excess skin (breast elevator). The problem for many women is accepting the scars and the disadvantages of general anesthesia.

For a natural breast elevator (i.e. without cutting), the innovative BodyTite treatment is an option. Read more about a breast elevator using the BodyTite technique here

Breast reduction by tumescent liposuction

This breast reduction surgery is the solution for the woman with overweight breasts who:

  • wants to have the volume of her breasts reduced but without scarring;
  • want to undergo a less severe surgery with a much smaller chance of complications;
  • do not want or possibly can't undergo general anesthesia;
  • want to experience reduction of physical complaints such as back/neck and shoulder pain and stringy bra straps, limitations with sports;
  • want to play a more active and social role again;
  • without this limitation wants to enjoy life to the fullest again.

For whom is the treatment appropriate?

In this liposuction method, much of the fat volume is removed from the breasts. The glandular tissue remains intact. Since in young women the amount of fatty tissue in the breasts is lower, the result of volume reduction will also be less. So the treatment is more suitable, the older you are.

Breast elevator by liposuction

If you want a full breast elevator and convex breasts, this treatment is not entirely suitable either, as no skin is removed. However, the breasts will lift a little because the weight is reduced and the skin contracts a little (due to the mechanical stimulation of the connective tissue in the breasts and skin by liposuction).

Breast elevator and breast enhancement with BodyTite

By combining breast reduction through liposucite with a BodyTite treatment, you can achieve a natural breast elevator while firming the breasts. The result of a breast elevator with BodyTite does not give a full breast elevator, but an additional lifting and firming effect on the breasts.
Read more about a breast elevator and skin tightening with BodyTite here →

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Also suitable in case of difference in breast size!

If the breasts are asymmetrical, the volume of the larger breast can be reduced. Conversely, the volume of the smaller breast can also be increased. For this, see the page on breast augmentation with your own fat →

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Breast reduction men

Men can also suffer from enlarged breasts, which is often the result of excess fatty tissue or the result of the condition gynecomastia. This condition can be caused by a hormonal imbalance or being overweight, which can cause estrogen levels to rise and cause breast tissue to grow. Gyno surgery can then provide relief.

By performing breast reduction in men, breast contours can be restored. Men's breast contours can also be tightened using the new BodyTite technique. The options depend on the size of the breast.

Contact us to discuss male breast reduction options

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Breast reduction experiences

After many years of back and neck problems, I finally had my breasts reduced. I was very reluctant to undergo surgery, especially since my friends had ugly scars.

When I discovered that a scar-free breast reduction was possible through liposuction treatment, I did not hesitate for a moment. The treatment itself did not hurt, also I was recovered in no time. Everyone took the time to explain everything to me, even during the treatment itself.

My breast reduction experience at ReSculpt Clinic is beyond expectations and I can recommend it to anyone!

What is the process of breast reduction surgery

The entire treatment of breast reduction through tumescent liposuction is relatively simple and straightforward. It consists of the following different stages:

  1. the initial consultation;
  2. treatment preparation;
  3. the anesthesia and familiarization phase;
  4. the liposuction phase;
  5. aftercare and the recovery period;
  6. the end result.
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1. The initial breast reduction consultation

During the initial consultation, your symptoms and wishes will be assessed and the entire breast reduction procedure and follow-up process will be discussed.

Prior to treatment

You will receive a referral for breast exams, blood tests and a prescription for antibiotics.

In order to be informed as much in advance as possible, all information and documentation will also be sent well in advance.

2. Treatment preparation

On the day of the breast reduction surgery, you will receive a warm welcome from the doctor and nurse. The procedure will be gone over with you again and any questions that remain will be answered.

Your blood pressure will be measured and antibiotics can be taken, if applicable. After that, pictures of the breasts will be taken and the breasts will be accurately marked off for treatment.

3. Anesthetic and familiarization phase

The demarcated area is numbed with small punctures in the skin. Through the numbed skin spots, the fatty tissue of the breasts is injected with tumescent anesthetic.

The tumescent fluid serves as pain relief and to remove the fatty tissue more easily and regularly during the liposuction procedure. This reduces damage to the remaining tissue.

The fluid is injected evenly so that it can distribute itself well to the fatty tissue. The fluid must act well to provide general anesthesia of the breasts.

This way the fat cells are softened and this benefits the liposuction. Then 45 minutes are waited to allow the fluid to work properly.

4. The liposuction phase

2 small incisions are made just above the breast crease under each breast. The incisions are about 1 cm in size. This will leave barely visible scars. The fatty tissue is removed through a suction tube. The actual treatment takes an average of one hour.


After the procedure, absorbent dressings will be applied and you will be given a support bra. You will then have lunch, a final consultation and then you will be allowed to go home.

5. Aftercare and the recovery period

You may be tired the day of and the day after surgery, but you are not sick. The breasts feel sore after surgery. In addition, bruising and swelling may occur.

For several days after surgery, some blood and fluid may leak from the wounds. You may shower again as early as one day after surgery.

In the first few weeks, as after any procedure under the skin, there will be hardening that will recede.

After surgery, any activities that feel good can be done as usual. We recommend that you avoid heavy labor for the first two weeks after surgery.

Download our brochure to learn more about the procedure of tumescent liposuction

Risks and complications

Multiple scientific studies have proven that breast reduction by tumescent liposuction is a safe treatment. There are no known serious risks and complications when using this technique.

During the initial consultation, the entire procedure and the likelihood of any side effects will be discussed in detail.

6. The result

A lighter feeling! After about six weeks, most of the effect of the treatment will be visible and felt. However, there may still be minor irregularities that will continue to fade over the months.

Cost of breast reduction by liposuction

The cost of breast reduction surgery depends on the size of the liposuction. Want to know exactly what the breast reduction cost is for you? Then you can visit our breast reduction rates page. On this page you will also find the costs of our other fat treatments.

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Breast reduction - frequently asked questions

The cost of breast reduction treatment at ReSculpt Clinic depends on the size of the breasts. If it is necessary to remove a lot of fat during breast reduction, the cost will be higher than for small breasts. Check out ReSculpt Clinic's breast reduction prices on our rates page →

A mommy reduction is breast reduction surgery, or breast reduction by liposuction. By reducing the breasts that are too large with liposuction, there is no scarring of the breasts. This is in contrast to breast reduction by cutting, which always leaves you with an anchor scar on the breast.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding you may experience sagging breasts, after all, you go from cup e to cup c in a short time. You can solve this with a breast elevator treatment. Or have your breasts enlarged / filled by lipofilling. Lipofilling breasts is a breast augmentation with your own fat.

Breast reduction information and introductory interview

Have you become curious and would you like to know more about this treatment breast reduction and its possibilities? Then make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with one of our medical specialists.

During this consultation, our medical specialist takes ample time to provide information about treatment and options.

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