• Lipedema self-test

    Do I have lip edema? Do the online lip edema self-test to find out if you might have lip edema.

Do I have Lipedema? Do the online Lipedema self-test

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Lipedema is a fat metabolism disease of the fat cells in the legs and sometimes the arms. The condition occurs in 10% of women from puberty onward in mild to severe forms. Simply put, the fat cells make fat (they grow), but hardly burn it anymore (i.e., don't get smaller when you lose weight).

This is accompanied by a variety of symptoms. The "do I have lipedema test" below gives an indication of whether you have lipedema.

Lipedema self-test

Want to know if you have lipedema? Do the self-test below by answering the questions. After filling in your answers, you will get the results right away!

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