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Liposuction abdomen

Many women and men eventually develop excess belly fat. Often, they fail to get rid of this belly fat accumulation by losing weight or burning the belly fat by doing extra exercise. With tumescent liposuction, also known as liposculpture, this excess fat can be easily removed.

Meanwhile, liposuction of the abdomen, waist and hips has become very popular in the Netherlands. The treating physicians at ReSculpt Clinic specialize in tumescent liposuction.

Because of their skill and precision, you will be very satisfied with the final result of abdominal liposcopy.

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Removing love handles

Do you have excess fat on the hips? The first place where these extra pounds show up is the waist, this is also called love handles. Have your love handles removed through tumescent liposuction.

With our years of expertise, we can eliminate localized fatty deposits from the love handles and restore your tight waist and hips. Liposuction of the love handles is suitable for men and women.

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What is liposuction treatment?

At ReSculpt Clinic, we use tumescent liposuction. In this form of liposuction treatment, as much excess fatty tissue as possible is removed under local anesthesia. This local anesthesia allows you to adjust your posture and move around during the liposuction treatment. Which in turn benefits the final result.

During treatment, tumescent fluid is injected into the area to be treated. This enlarges and numbs the fatty tissue. This allows the fatty tissue to be removed more easily and accurately with a thin cannula (suction tube).

The results of an abdominal liposuction treatment are immediately visible. Want to know more about what liposuction entails?
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How safe is liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from body parts, such as the abdomen (belly fat), thighs and hips. At ReSculpt Clinic, we use tumescent liposuction and is performed under local anesthesia.

This liposuction technique is the safest way to remove unwanted fatty tissue. There are no known serious complications for this treatment method.
This ensures that many have gone before you and chosen this safe method of liposuction.

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Liposuction abdomen photos before and after

Through our years of experience in the field of liposuction, we have been able to make many patients happy with the final results. We are very proud of the results we have achieved through dedication and continuous development and improvement of our techniques and expertise.

Result Liposuction abdomen photos before and after treatment

How does abdominal liposuction work?

Our clinic has been able to help many clients remove excess abdominal fat in recent years. With our tumescent liposuction treatment, we ensure the best results.

To achieve this result, we follow a set step-by-step plan. These steps ensure a perfect liposuction treatment of the abdomen and love handles.

The consultation for abdominal liposuction takes place before treatment and is a very important part of the end result.

It gives you the opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns you may have with the attending physician. The consultation is also an opportunity for our medical specialist to ask questions about your medical history.

Then you and the medical specialist determine where the localized fat deposits are and how much fat will be removed. This will give you an indication of the final result.

Do you have certain expectations and want to discuss them with the doctor? If so, feel free to ask these questions.

On the day of treatment, you will be received by the doctor and nurse.

Then we begin preparation for the abdominal liposuction treatment:
- if necessary, you take medication (antibiotics, tranquilizer pill, paracetamol);
- photographs are taken;
- you will be weighed;
- your blood pressure is measured;
- the doctor marks off the treated area.

Liposculpture of the abdomen is performed under local anesthesia. This allows you to lose belly fat virtually painlessly.

It takes about 45 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect. The anesthetic will help you feel as relaxed as possible during the liposuction treatment.

Once the anesthesia has fully set in, we begin the liposuction phase. This involves making small incisions in the skin, allowing the suction cannula to be inserted into the fatty tissue and remove the excess abdominal fat.

Because we perform liposuction treatment under local anesthesia, you are conscious during the treatment. This makes it possible to change your posture so that our doctors can clearly see where the excess fat needs to be removed. This allows for maximum results.

After the liposuction treatment, we apply absorbent mats to trap moisture. Over this you will receive a special elastic pressure suit, so that the area can recover optimally. We recommend wearing this suit day and night.

After this, you will have a small meal of your choice in the rest room and the doctor will take the time to answer your questions. We will also give you our contact information, so you can contact one of our doctors after the treatment if you have any questions about the aftercare of abdominal liposuction.

When will I see results from liposuction treatment?

Generally, it takes three to six months, after the removal of excess abdominal fat, until the final result of liposuction treatment can be fully seen.

Is abdominal liposuction permanent?

During liposculpture / liposuction, excess fat cells are permanently removed. Thus, the result of abdominal liposuction is permanent.

These fat cells can no longer be recreated by the body. However, if the body weight increases again, the remaining remaining fat cells in the body become larger which can make the love handles and belly visible again.

Liposuction abdomen experiences

For a long time I considered removing excess fat from my belly and lovehandles. Finally I took the plunge and after thorough research I decided to get treatment at the ReSculpt Clinic. I do not regret this for a moment.

The plastic surgeon at ReSculpt Clinic is very experienced in liposuction without general anesthesia. They have made me feel comfortable in my skin again and happy when I look in the mirror. Thank you!

The right advice and best results in abdominal liposuction

Our medical specialists Drs. Hajo Bruining and Dr. Jonathan Kadouch both specialize in liposculpture without general anesthesia.

With our tumescent liposuction treatment of the abdomen, the risks are reduced and we achieve the best natural results.

Liposuction abdomen cost

What exactly does abdominal liposuction cost? The cost of abdominal liposuction depends on the excess fatty tissue to be removed. A consultation is necessary beforehand to know exactly what your options are and what to expect.

To get an indication of the average cost of liposuction treatment, please visit our rates page. On this page you will also find the costs of our other fat treatments.

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Liposuction abdomen - frequently asked questions

The cost of liposuction abdominal treatment at ReSculpt Clinic depends on a variety of factors. See all of ReSculpt Clinic's prices on our rates page →

Abdominal liposuction is a recognized and registered cosmetic surgical procedure that provides excellent results in removing localized fat deposits. Generally, clients experience the treatment as not painful. What you feel is the insertion of the fluid. This is not painful, although it can sometimes be perceived as unpleasant. For clients with painful fat tissue, we inject the fluid extra slowly to make it less unpleasant. Sucking out the fat is not painful.

For good results, recovery is essential from liposuction abdominal treatment. After treatment, some swelling and possibly bruising will occur. Also, temporary hardening will occur the area will feel uncomfortable. This will subside after a while.

The healing process will take about four weeks. It is important to wear the pressure suit or compression band properly after the abdominal liposuction and do connective tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. This way, the body can recover optimally and the abdominal liposuction treatment can achieve the best results.

Would you like more information about liposuction treatment to remove your unwanted belly fat or love handles? Then take the opportunity to make a no-obligation appointment with one of our specialists. At this consultation, we will discuss how abdominal liposuction is applicable to your personal situation and what it would mean for you. Make a no-obligation appointment to discuss abdominal fat removal options with us.

Information and introductory interview

Would you like to learn more about abdominal liposuction and its treatment options? Then contact our medical specialists for a free consultation.

During this consultation, the doctor will take ample time to inform you about the options for abdominal liposuction treatment.

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