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Lipofilling is the treatment of choice in the case of sunken cheeks, a deep scar, a dent in the skin after an accident or liposuction, too thin lips, thin skin under the eyes, a deep nasolabial fold or sunken corners of the mouth. It is also an excellent treatment method for firming the breasts and buttocks.

Lipofilling involves removing fat from one area (usually abdomen, hips or buttocks) and, after processing the fat, injecting it into the desired area. No large amounts need to be removed and everyone has some fat, enough to transplant. It is a safe procedure with no chance of rejection reactions because it is your own fat. Moreover, the treatment gives a permanent effect.

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How does the Lipofilling treatment proceed?

Treatment consists of several stages, which are always discussed with the patient prior to treatment. First, you will be prepared by the nurse (weighing, taking your blood pressure and taking pictures). Then your specialist will discuss with you the area to be treated and mark it with a marker on the skin.

Harvest Phase

First, a "donor site," the place where the fat will be taken from, must be chosen. Various parts of the body qualify for this, such as the abdomen, above the hip, and the upper thighs. After the donor site is locally numbed with tumescent fluid, the fat to be transplanted is aspirated with a thin cannula. This procedure is similar to a minor liposuction, which is why the lipofilling treatment can also be easily combined with tumescent liposuction as a correction of fat accumulation. See the page on liposuction to read more about that.

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Machining phase

After harvesting the fat, it is processed in a special way so that the most viable fat cells remain. There are various methods for processing or purifying the collected fat. The doctors at ReSculpt Clinic are always up to date with the latest developments so that the best and safest methods can be applied.

Different techniques

There are several methods of harvesting and processing the fat. The important thing here, is to minimize damage to the fat cells during harvesting and re-injection. The goal is for as much of the injected fat as possible to survive the procedure, so that an optimal effect of the treatment is achieved.

Injection phase

After harvesting and processing, fat cells are injected under local anesthesia in the area where more volume is needed. This is carefully delineated in advance, and we use the technique of injection for this purpose whereby the new volume is applied as evenly as possible. This ensures that the area is nicely filled and the fat cells have a better chance of survival.

A limited amount of fat cells can be injected at a time because the fat cells need blood flow. If you inject too many at once into the same area, fewer fat cells will survive the transplant. In addition, there is then an increased risk of developing fat cysts. The treatment takes about 2 hours.

On average, 1 to 3 treatments are needed to achieve the optimal result. We recommend a period of at least 6-8 weeks between each treatment.

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After lipofilling treatment

After the treatment, you will be wrapped in absorbent bandages. You will then be given an elastic suit to wear over them. Before you leave, you will be given a document detailing what medications you have had that day and our contact information for out of office hours.

Recovery period

You should take it easy for the first week. Both the area where fat was removed and the area where it was re-injected will feel sore and somewhat swollen. Any bruising usually disappears after 1-2 weeks.

What results can you expect after Lipofilling?

The final result will be fully visible after 3 months. All swelling will be gone by then and you will see the volume effect of the fat cells that survived the transplant. This is on average about 70% of the number of fat cells.

Risks and complications

Lipofilling is a safe procedure. As with any procedure, there is the risk of bleeding or infection. Small lumps can also sometimes be felt; these generally disappear on their own. Specific risk with areas treated symmetrically is slight asymmetry.

Lipofilling breasts

Lipofilling breasts is treatment in which the breasts are enlarged with own fat. Even uneven breasts can be regained symmetrical breasts with their own fat.

Lipofilling breasts is a natural breast augmentation using your own fat. Natural breast augmentation involves using the body's own fat, so there is no chance of rejection or encapsulation as with implants.

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Lipofilling - frequently asked questions

The cost of lipofilling treatment at ReSculpt Clinic depends on the area to be treated. Please see our pricing page for lipofilling / liposculture→ prices.

How much fat is needed with lipofilling varies. Depending on the lipofilling treatment and the desired result, it will be determined how much fat is needed.

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