• Neck elevator without surgery with NeckTite

    Turkey neck and flabby double chin permanent removal

Neck elevator without surgery with NeckTite

The aging process, we all face it. As we age, the elastin and collagen in the skin decreases.

This facial aging process is gradual and, unfortunately, unstoppable. Fortunately, ReSculpt Clinic has the solution... a NeckTite treatment. We are the first clinic in the Netherlands to treat sagging skin through a neck elevator without surgery.

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Tighten neck and jawline with natural results

With sagging skin and combined with gravity, the skin slowly sags. Wrinkles become more and more visible and you often get a tired facial expression. As a result, the tight jaw and neckline become less and less visible.

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Neck elevator with NeckTite treatment

To combat sagging skin on the neck and double chin, our clinic has a new technique to naturally bring back the contours of the face. We perform the neck elevator without surgery from inside the skin.

No facelift or scars

This renders obsolete facelift techniques obsolete. With this new technique, the sagging skin does not need to be cut away, leaving no visible scars.

Experience a beautiful tight jawline again with natural results!

How do I get rid of my turkey neck and flabby double chin?

Both men and women experience sagging neck, also known as turkey neck. How do you easily get rid of this turkey neck?

ReSculpt Clinic has a unique and fairly new technique that allows the skin to tighten from the inside and return tighter jawline. This new technique is called a NeckTite.

Counteracting sagging skin with NeckTite

By treating sagging skin from the inside out, not only the skin but also the deeper connective tissue structures under the skin are treated. This invasive treatment stimulates the subcutaneous connective tissue to contract. This makes the neck elevator we perform at our clinic very different from a conventional facelift.

Flabby double chin removal

The neck elevator without surgery helps reverse the signs of aging, fight that sagging neck and give you back your confidence!

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Neck Lift with NeckTite - Results Before and After

Results of Necktite treatment performed at Teun Föhn. Neck elevator before and after treatment

Double chin removal with Necktite

Double chin removal? It can be done at ReSculpt Clinic! At our clinic, you can remove the double chin without surgery. By using (RF) radiofrequency energy, we can easily remove the double chin without cutting or visible scars. This invasive treatment causes the sagging skin to contract and tighten from the inside out. As a result, the jawline becomes visible again and you look radiant and younger again.

Double chin removal can be combined with double chin liposuction. The excess fat in the double chin can be removed without undergoing a classic facelift. The double chin liposuction is done at ReSculpt Clinic under local anesthesia.

Want more information on how to get rid of the double chin? Then schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our medical specialists right away.

Just want to get rid of your double chin?

Then our double chin treatment with Belkyra or liposuction may also be very suitable.

Skin tightening without scars

A tightening of the skin without scars is a new and still relatively unknown treatment in the Netherlands. In America, the treatment has been around much longer. The neck elevator without surgery is known in America as the NeckTite treatment. With this Necktite technique, the neck, neck, double chin and even the hamster cheeks can be treated.

Creation of collagen

The neck elevator is performed under local anesthesia and using radiofrequency energy. Heating energy shortens the subcutaneous fibers and stimulates the production of new collagen. This allows sagging skin to tighten up to 30%.

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Result NeckTite - Before and After Treatment

Remedy sagging skin of the neck

NeckTite is the best treatment to correct sagging skin of the neck and double chin. This method can be well combined with liposuction treatment if excess fat is also present.

In addition, we can stimulate the skin itself to contract and produce more collagen by additionally doing the radiofrequency treatment with the Morpheus 8.

ReSculpt Clinic is the only clinic in the Netherlands that combines a neck elevator with liposuction treatment.

What happens in a neck elevator?

Neck elevator with NeckTite treatment

In this new NeckTite technique, the skin is first numbed locally. Then two small incisions are made. A thin tube will be inserted just under the skin.

The tip of the tube is heated. The Invasix, the medical device, will always make a sound and stop heating when the skin is sufficiently heated from the inside.

Also, the treatment module (which contains the tube) contains sensors that measure the temperature inside and on the surface of the skin. This allows very controlled heating of the subcutaneous connective tissue without the risk of overheating or burning,

In this way, the connective tissue under the skin contracts, resulting in tighter skin.

Neck elevator combined with liposuction

As we age, fat under the chin is common. The neck elevator we perform at our clinic can be well combined with tumescent liposuction treatment.

We remove excess fatty tissue and tighten excess skin in just one treatment. It is the perfect solution to get rid of a double double double chin or turkey neck without surgery.

Read more about liposuction treatment →.

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Where else can we apply this skin tightening?

In addition to neck tightening, we can treat different areas with this new technique. For example, we also perform this treatment on the face, abdomen, arms and legs. One treatment takes about 90 minutes. Just one visit to our clinic provides instant contour improvement, and all without plastic surgery.

At ReSculpt Clinic, you just naturally become more beautiful!

Skin tightening of the face

Tightening the face, this technique is also called FaceTite. It is a minimally invasive treatment. It is the same treatment as the NeckTite, but a small module is used. The treatment performed by our clinic is a facelift without surgery.

The areas we treat a lot to tighten the skin on the face are the:

  • Nasal lip fold
  • Marionette Lines
  • Hamster Cheeks

Because of the skill and precision of our medical specialists, you will be very satisfied with the final result.

Read more about FaceTite treatment here →

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Skin tightening of the abdomen & body

Tightening the abdomen, this technique is called the BodyTite. It is a treatment that improves body contours. ReSculpt Clinic is one of the first clinics in the Netherlands that can perform this treatment in combination with liposuction treatment.

It is the best and safest way to regain your contours. BodyTite is also great for treating the upper arms and breasts.

The attending physicians at our clinic perform this treatment with regularity. As a result, we can predict results and there is a very low complication rate.

Read more about BodyTite treatment here →

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Neck Lift with NeckTite - Results Before and After

Results Necktite before and after treatment

When will neck elevator results be visible?

It takes several months until the final results of a neck elevator are visible. The first results can often be seen as soon as the swelling from the procedure is gone. For the first one to two weeks, the neck will be somewhat sensitive and swollen. Sometimes bruising occurs. These usually disappear a week after the neck elevator treatment.

After a few weeks, the results will become increasingly visible. Since the formation of collagen and elastin takes longer, contour improvement will be really visible after 4 to 5 months.

How long will the result remain visible?

The effect of a NeckTite treatment is permanent, but the natural aging process always continues. The skin will stretch again over the years, but it would always have been more so without this treatment.

How many years this takes is different for each individual and depends on several lifestyle factors.

Experience NeckTite neck elevator without surgery

My experience of the NeckTite treatment at ReSculpt Clinic is really beyond expectations. The expert team of Dr. Kadouch guided me very nicely, the treatment was everything I expected.

The neck elevator was performed under local anesthesia and I had no pain at all! The days after the treatment I saw immediate results.

It has been 2 months now and per week the skin of my neck and jaw line is tightening. Very satisfied, thank you Jonathan!

Curious about Tjarda's neck elevator experience?
Read her experience story of the NeckTite treatment here →

What is the cost of a neck elevator without surgery?

The cost of a neck elevator without surgery depends on whether liposuction must be performed.

To find out exactly what this treatment costs, please visit our rates page. On this page you will also find the costs of our other fat treatments.

Meet our medical specialists - NeckTite treatment

Our medical specialists Drs. Hajo Bruining and Dr. Jonathan Kadouch both specialize in neck elevators without surgery with NeckTite.

This unique method of lifting reduces risks and ensures the best natural results.

NeckTite information and introductory interview

Want to learn more about the neck elevator without surgery and the options for treatment? Then contact our medical specialists for a no-obligation consultation.

During this consultation, the doctor will take ample time to inform you about the options for NeckTite treatment.

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