Other methods of fat removal

There are many different methods of fat removal. Therefore, it can be difficult to make a choice when looking for treatment for excess fat. ReSculpt Clinic is happy to help you make an appropriate choice. Below is more information about external fat removal.

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Energy-based devices; cold, hot or waves?

Today, there are devices that use cold or sound waves to dissolve the fat. These devices, also called energy-based devices, work through the skin under which the fat buildup is located. They do not require anesthesia and do not penetrate the skin during treatment. This makes treatment with energy-based devices approachable and easy.

Limitations of these treatments

There is, however, a limitation to this type of treatment: these devices are intended for small fat deposits with often lesser results, requiring the treatment to be repeated (usually 4 sessions). The result is also not always easy to predict. This is because during the treatment you cannot immediately see the effect, whereas with liposuction you can see exactly how much fat has been removed. Moreover, the results vary from person to person. Multiple treatment sessions (usually 4) are needed to achieve results.

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Cryolipolysis treatment

The treatments by cooling the fatty tissue is called cryolipolysis. There are several devices on the market to perform these treatments. Cryolipolysis freezes the lipids in fat cells. Radiofrequency releases energy with controlled heat technology. Heating slowly dissolves the fat cells. Echo, sound waves or ultrasound use high-intensity, focused ultrasonic waves (sound waves) with the mechanical destruction of fat cells without heating or cooling as the goal.

With these techniques, the goal is to break up the fat cells without trauma or injury to surrounding tissue (especially the skin). Through this technique, the fat layer is slowly reduced slightly, over the course of 2 to 6 months after the procedure.

All of these treatments are non-invasive: they work from outside the body, through the skin. This makes these methods very suitable for people who are not eligible for liposuction treatment due to health reasons or medication use, or who are not comfortable with liposuction.

Fat removal at ReSculpt Clinic with Cryo Cool Med

This treatment is based on a new two-stage technology. The applicator is placed on the area, the vacuum in the applicator slowly sucks the skin layer upward between the cooling elements. The skin is heated and then gradually cooled to -15 degrees Celsius. The treatment lasts a total of 45 minutes.

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